By a special indult of the Holy See, the Visitation Sisters may bring aspirants into the cloister for a VOCATION RETREAT, to experience life in the cloister for a weekend, a week, or longer. These retreats are arranged on an individual basis and require a letter of recommendation from the spiritual director, the pastor, or equally qualified person who knows the aspirant.

Nuns Choir (Chapel)

Formation consists of:

  • Postulancy for six months to a year

  • Novitiate for two years, one a canonical year

  • Temporary Profession for three years with simple vows, which can be prolonged for not longer than another three years altogether

  • and then Solemn Profession with solemn perpetual vows.

Age for admission is eighteen years and over. Although the Founder specified no age limit, each community must try to balance the sisters’ ages so that the community can be viable. Great prudence has to be exercised with regard to receiving older subjects.